The following publications are available from EFASCE di Philadelphia.  For more information contact –

Duch a Taule a Mangha! (All to the Table to Eat!)

A Collection of Favorite Friulan Recipes from EFASCE di Philadelphia Members 
EFASCE di Philadelphia, Edited by Alessandra Cartelli, 2015.

L’Emigrazione Friulana in Pennsylvania

Friulan Immigration in Pennsylvania:  Memoirs from EFASCE Members of their Family Emigrations from Friuli 
EFASCE di Pordenone, Edited by: M. Bernardon, A. Cartelli, M. C. Lorenzon, H. M. Henry, R. Roman, 2014.

Scapellini e Tagliapietre dal Friuli dal Friuli Occidentale nel Mondo

Chisellers and Stonecutters from Western Friuli to the World
EFASCE di Pordenone, Michele Bernardon, 2012; translated into English by Father Marco Bagnarol, 2013.

100 Years with the Emigrants 1907-2007

EFASCE di Pordenone, Luigi Luchini; translated into English by Father Marco Bagnarol.