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         2018-10 – Coverage of the 10th Anniversary Dinner

          2016-07 – Robert Roman Honored in Frisanco

          2016-07 – 39th Incontro Corregionali all’estero

          2014-10 – U.S. Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, visits Frisanco/Poffabro

          2014-07 – Certificates of Respect

          2014-07 – FRIULAN IMMIGRATION in PENNSYLVANIA book proof reading

Robert Roman Honored in Frisanco

29-31 July 2016 – Frisanco/Poffabro, PN, Italy. In a ceremony held in Frisanco Robert Roman of EFASCE di Philadelphia was bestowed the honorary title of Citizen of Frisanco, Italy!

Robert Roman Being Honored

39th Incontro Corregionali all’estero

29-31 July 2016 – Frisanco/Poffabro, PN, Italy. The 39th annual Incontro Corregionali all’estero was held in Poffabro and Frisanco. It was attended by dignitaries from near and far including Ambassador John Phillips. 

EFASCE Incontro Group Photo

EFASCE di Philadelphia Meets EFASCE di Pordenone

U.S. Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, visits Frisanco/Poffabro

3-4 October 2014 – Frisanco/Poffabro, PN, Italy.  United States of America Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, visits the towns of his ancestors, Poffabro and Frisanco.  Along with his wife, Linda Douglass and Brothers William and Ernie, Mr. Phillips was hosted by President of the Region Debora Serracchiani; Vice President of the Region, Sergio Bolzonello; Mayor of Frisanco/Poffabro, Sandro Rovedo; and President of EFASCE di Pordenone, Michele Bernardon. 


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Certificates of Respect

July 2014 – Philadelphia, PA, USA.   (from left) Sorin Vals, Mayor of Greci, Romania, and Sandro Rovedo, Mayor of Frisanco/Poffabro, Italy,  met with Roberto Roman di Catterina, President of EFASCE di Philadelphia to accept “Certificates of Respect” which were awarded to these two cities by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, in recognition of the many Master Craftsmen and their families, who emigrated from Frisanco/Poffabro to Greci, Romania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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July 2014 – San Vito al Tagliamento, PN, Italy.   (from left) Roberto Roman and Alessandra Cartelli, of EFASCE di Philadelphia; Pablo Andres De Biasi, of EFASCE di Pordenone; EFASCE di Pordenone President Michele Bernardon (standing); and Antonella, printer, performing the final proof reading of the EFASCE di Pordenone book, THE FRIULAN IMMIGRATION IN PENNSYLVANIA.  This book details the experiences and lives of people who emigrated from the Province of Pordenone, Italy to the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States.  The book will be presented at the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia, on October 15th and also at the Festa dei Friulani on October 18th. Copies will be available from EFASCE di Philadelphia.