Welcome to EFASCE di Philadelphia

Segretariato EFASCE di Philadelphia is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the Pordenonesi heritage and culture in the Philadelphia area. A sanctioned adjunct of the Ente Friulano Assistenza Sociale Culturale Emigranti (EFASCE) di Pordenone, EFASCE di Philadelphia has been established to promote an interactive relationship within the Friulan-American community and between the Pordenonesi of the world via social, cultural and educational opportunities, events, activities and programs. The English translation for EFASCE is the Friulan Entity for Social and Cultural Assistance to Emigrants.

This site is designed to give an informational overview of our organization, as well as updates to our social activities and events.  Our Facebook feed is on the right and we welcome you to visit and “Like” us!

Using the Menus at the top, you can learn more about EFASCE di Philadelphia, our History, Publications, Educational Programs, how to become a member, and connect with us.

Join us at our 15th Annual Festa dei Friulani 2023 – Efasce di Philadelphia