About Us

EFASCE di Philadelphia was established in Chestnut Hill in 2008.  Our mission is to help promote renewed interactive relationships with the Friulan-American community in the Philadelphia region, the US and other Pordenonesi of the world. Through various social and educational events and programs, we strive to make the homeland feel closer for our Friulan emigrants and their descendants.

The photo on the right taken in 1924 shows some members of the Friulano community enjoying a day of relaxation at the “Baraca” (shed, shown to the right). Recognizing the need for a more permanent meeting place efforts were made for the purchase of a property at 8030 Germantown Avenue, and remains the home of The Venetian Social Club today (pictured left). The Venetian Club, affectionately dubbed “The Club” by many, has remained a place for fun, friendship, and fellowship for over 85 years. Many social events including evening dinner dances featuring alpine music, sports banquets, holiday parties and similar events have taken place in the ballroom over the years. 

Using the links within the About Us menu at the top, you can learn more about the current Directors and Committees of Efasce di Philadelphia.  It is through the Leadership of our Directors, Committees, and Members that help make the club what it is today and keep ties with the Friuli Culture.  Our History spans many generations and even has Publications to help preserve and tell our stories.