We are a 501c3 non-profit, and as such, need some help!  Our Committes, along with our Directors, are invaluable to our club and respective events, relationships, programs, and heritage preservation.  We welcome you to become more involved.  If you would like to participate in a committee please contact a board member or send an email to

Membership Committee

  • Robert Roman – Co-Chair
  • Bob Henry – Co-Chair
  • Albino Roman
  • Helen Marcolina Henry
  • Dino Brandolisio

Entertainment Committee

  • Anne L. Henry – Co-Chair
  • Rosemary Norwood – Co-Chair
  • Ellen Rosa-Bian Cericola
  • Alessandra J. Cartelli
  • Linda McGlinn 
  • Janese Roman

Student Exchange Committee

  • Madalena Colussi Lorenzon – Chair
  • Helen Marcolina Henry
  • Albino Roman

Website Committee

  • Dan Giacomelli – Webmaster, Active Chair
  • Joseph M. Colussi
  • Laura Maxwell

Historical Committee

  • Alessandra J. Cartelli – Chair
  • Robert Roman
  • Helen Marcolina Henry
  • Anne L. Henry

501c3 Non-Profit Committee

  • Honorable Maurino J. Rossanese Jr. – Chair
  • Paul C. Vangrossi, Esq.

Library Committee

  • Alessandra J. Cartelli – Co-Chair
  • Roberto Roman – Co-Chair